I’m not sure what to title this post as. 

Won’t be updating this TumblrBlog for the time being. You can always follow me at: http://prince-soohyun.tumblr.com

I’ll always be there (: it’s my picture blog. 

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I got the shock of my life seeing my exam results today. 

I woke up from my on-off sleep from a dream which involves me failing 2 modules, and I was screaming ‘It is not even a sub-pass!? WTHH!’. Sooching then told me results out already, so I went to check with my heart beating like crazy. 

Then when I first saw my results. I stunned there very long, then started crying. Seriously. Stunned because my FIT scored way better than I thought I would have scored. I thought I was going to get a C or something for that XD 

BCOMM and IS pulled me down, but I was quite pleased with my results anyway (: It seems that it is always these 2 which made my GPA drop. 

Followed Qinghui to see doctor and take MC~ 

While walking back from gymming with Chin Hwee, I saw this guy who looks like Sungjong from Infinite. Super cute, but he smokes. o.o 


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“Because I’m not the kind of girl guys fall in love with.”

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Exactly 12 more hours.

I will get my exam results. D: 

Excited to collect my Infinite and U-Kiss albums on 10 October ((: 

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It feels like everything is slipping out of my hands.

It is like, losing a part of me everyday. Bits of my secrets, bits of my relationships with everyone I care or cared for, bits of things that are important to me. 

Kinda hard to express how I feel. Maybe it’s paranoia, maybe it’s the reality. I hope it’s the first, instead of the latter. 

We are all selfish beings, no doubt about that. So while I pretend to care, everyone around me will pretend to, I guess. 

Meeting Qinghui later ♥

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